Bologna Ragazzi Award 2012 – Marta Ignerska nagrodzona

Autor: pidd

Książka Wszystko gra Anny Czerwińskiej-Rydel i Marty Ignerskiej zdobyła Bologna Ragazzi Award 2012 w kategorii Non Fiction. Gratulujemy!

Uzasadnienie jury >> This book presents us with an authentically different graphic tradition from our own, marking a break no less powerful than the Gutenberg revolution. The illustrations do not hail from just one genealogy; they have not been created with reference to just one artistic school or tradition. Elements from ancient styles, snippets of the most recent visual expressionism, and passing references to a wealth of authors, eras, hybrid styles and traditions have been harness with consummate skill to put sound and rhythm into graphic form. Everything is bound together by a unifying element: a lightness of touch, that ineffable and disquieting lightness of touch so dear to Italo Calvino. The numerous references ironically left as clues on the pages beg to be studied and classified. However, the sheer novelty of this book defies all critical assault. The graphic narrative often reveals a playful freshness that is difficult to place. Refined yet joyously carnivalesque, its world is a children’s playground. <<

Resztę nagrodzonych tytułów znajdziecie >> tu

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-E.W. 20 lutego 2012 - 13:48

Super! Gratulacje!!!

mala_forma 20 lutego 2012 - 21:37

My też gratulujemy!

Piu Martínez 23 lutego 2012 - 16:33

The cover is spectacular,
the book may come to Spain? Hopefully, I'd love to get a copy.

Great, great!!


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